About Us

About GIAEC,Bangladesh :

RGN(Rayan Global Network ) is a Government Approved Business Consultancy based Company of Bangladesh,established in the beginning of 2014.We provide services of Worldwide Visa Processing,Immigration Processing,Overseas Educations.

Our Team

Our main asset is our services and our main difference is our team. We believe in the power and strength of a motivated and creative team. Our team members are dedicated to best serving our customers to help increase profitability in businesses.We have adopted a participatory management which corresponds to a set of principles and processes that maintain and allow regular and necessary involvement of employees in the decision making process. We conduct our day to day operation through a unique team of 16 seasoned and young professionals.

10616282_864038830274875_4126920113950590349_n * Arif M A Hoque 
   Founder & CEO  
Mr Arif M. A. Hoqueis the founder and current CEO of GIAEC. Mr Hoque is a    Master of Mathematics & Business Administration. In addition, he is a Professional Accountant of Cost and Management, and also has a Professional  Certificate in Information Technology. During his innovative business practices in the  last seven years, he has achieved a number of successes. Mr Hoque is the founding  Chairman of





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